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STOIC Extruded Charcoal Logs 10lbs

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UPC: 872555001005

Satisfying taste sustainably made! In the process of creating Lump charcoal, a variety of different sized pieces are produced. Stoic BBQ teamed up with the best Lump charcoal producers to repurpose small pieces to create Simply Charcoal Logs. Enjoy your contribution to saving the planet while elevating your BBQ game with Simply Charcoal logs. Simply Charcoal Log’s shape makes starting charcoal as easy as starting a fire at camp- and just as fun! Thanks to the hole in the center of every Charcoal Log, airflow is never a problem. Get faster starting and hotter temperatures with Simply Charcoal Logs. 100% natural, flavourful, consistent burn rate and easy to light. Your favourite fuel at home and out in the wild!

  • Simply Charcoal Logs
  • Easy to use; stack, light and cook
  • Burns hotter than traditional briquets
  • Made from hardwood lump charcoal
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly
  • 4.54 kg (10 lb)
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