Char Crust Original Hickory Grilled 113g

Char Crust’s spicy blends of premium dry-rub seasonings are a great way to bring major flavor to food. Char Crust Original Hickory Grilled is the perfect companion to all meat and fish. It creates a seared crust of deliciousness that seals in the juices like no other rub. Savor the harmony and balance of rich, hickory grilled flavors. Char Crust Original Hickory Grilled Dry-Rub Seasoning is available in 4 oz boxes.

  • Dry-Rub Seasoning, Original Hickory Grilled
  • For all meat and fish. Broil, bake, grill. Seals in the juices. Get the secret! Used by the best chefs in many of the finest restaurants. My dad’s legendary Chicago steakhouse – Al Farber’s – is where it all started in 1957. Thick prime steaks with charred crusts, bursting with juicy flavor. When diners would literally beg to take home our seasonings that made their meat so good, we knew we had a winner. That time and those flavors are captured in our Original Char Crust and Roto Roast rubs. Over the years we’ve added delicious new flavors to be used on all meats, fish, and even veggies. But we still make our rubs like my father Nathan did – in small batches with only the best herbs and spices. And of course, they all seal in the juices! Enjoy and eat well, Bernard Silver. Rich, hickory grilled flavor. This classy companion to your favorite steak is the original used at Al Farber’s legendary steakhouse. Enhances the natural flavor without overwhelming. Also delicious on boneless/skinless chicken breasts, tuna steaks, and your favorite vegetables.


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