Christmas Large bags of Coal

Just like the original but 20% larger velvet jewelry bag and double the coal. But not double the price! Gag gifts need not be predictable. They can be elegant. Everyone expects something special in a luxury plush red velvet jewelry gift bag, unless you’ve been bad, naughty, evil, sinister or mischievous. The stylish gift tag matches that sophistication and further entices. But wait, the sense of elation may end in deflation. Nothing precious inside, only Santa’s special Christmas lump of coal. The expressions will be priceless! Buy this Xmas coal bag for the ultimate surprise. Who should get this perfect stocking stuffer? Everyone should including: mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, son, daughter, kids, teens, girls, boys, husband, wife, boy friend, girl friend, neighbor, coworker, boss, employee, lover, friend, enemy, you name them they should get one! Don’t leave anyone out. Santa is watching and checking his list for who is naughty and nice. Search terms for future purchase: lump of coal, Christmas coal bag, Xmas coal bag, Christmas coal, Christmas coal gift, Christmas coal gag gift, coal for Christmas, coal for Xmas, coal stocking stuffer, stocking stuffers, lump coal, bag of coal, piece of coal


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