Furtado Farms Pizza Blend Cookwood Logs 20kg

Watching a thin crust pizza cook next to a live fire in 60-90 seconds is a mouth watering, and tasty sight! With Furtado Farms Pizza Oven Mix, that is possible. The mix includes 20kg of cookwood that contain the highest BTU output, as well as longest burn time. This means you get up to cooking temp faster and stay there longer, all while using less wood!

Cookwood is locally sourced, hand selected and processed. None of the Furtado Farms products are kiln dried like most of the others especially big name brands. Kiln drying is a high heat oven that wood is placed into for many days, this draws out nearly 100% of the woods moisture and kills off any insects in the wood. This in turn also draws out the flavor and smell that’s associated with the woods natural moisture content. That’s why Cookwood premium wood products will out smoke and flavor all the rest.


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Furtado Farms Pizza Blend Cookwood Logs 20kg

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Weight 20.0000000 kg
Dimensions 64.0000000 × 34.0000000 × 22.0000000 cm