JB’s FS Cure (Less Salt) 250gm

Standard cure for making beef jerky, or smoked sausage. Can also be used as the main curing ingredient to make a brine for ham/bacon


Directions: Use 40gm for 11.36kg (25 lbs) meat. Use 16gm for 4.54kg (10 lbs) meat. Use 170gm (6oz) for 45.36kg (100 lbs) meat.

Ingredients: Salt, Sodium Nitrite, Sodium Bicarbonate, Silicon Dioxide (Mfg. Aid). Contains: 5% Sodium Nitrite.

Allergens: There are No Allergens Present in This Product.

Eggs, Milk & derivatives, Soy, Added sulphites greater than 10ppm, Wheat & Mustard (not present in this product, however, present in other products manufactured in the same line)


Also known as Prague Powder, Pink Salt, InstaCure #1


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