JB’s LEM 2″ Base Stuffer Tube Stainless 1/2″ OD

From Smokehouse Chef. 3-Pack size #8 Stainless Steel Premium Sausage stuffing tubes. Extra-Long sleeve length. What size do you need? 1/2″ tube size is for small links like snack sticks and slim jims. 3/4″ tube size is for traditional link sausage and hog casings 1 1/4″ tube size is for summer sausage and filling meat bags These tubes are approx 1.5 mm thick for commercial use. Stainless steel sausage stuffer tubes fits all electric meat choppers and grinders that use the #8 size. These tubes will fit your grinder head if your round plates are approx. 2 3/8″ diameter. Available in 3 exit diameters. This order is for three stuffing tubes. Fits LEM, Cabelas, and most other brands.


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