Kuhne Black Garlic BBQ Sauce 235ml

A good steak takes time, the Kuhne’s Black Garlic Sauce even a little more. After all, coarse pepper from South America and black garlic from Asia have to find their way to each other first. Patience is then rewarded with an unmistakable, slightly sweet taste from a 235-ml bottle.

Ingredients: Water, rapeseed oil, sugar, red and yellow paprika, onions, zucchini, spirit vinegar, modified starch, mustard, salt, whey product, herbs, black garlic (0,2%), garlic (0,2%), south american pepper (0,2%), garlic extract, acid lactic acid

Allergen & Dietary Info:

  • Mustard
  • whey product
  • no artificial colours
  • gluten free


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