LEM Stuffer Big Bite 10lb

Easy, one-person sausage stuffing in half the time. With the power, precision, and smart features of our Big Bite Motorized Stuffers, making sausage is a rewarding, hassle-free, one-person job. The powerful motor pushes with more than a TON of force, while precision controls allow you to determine the flow and set the pace.

  • Speed control knob: adjusts how fast piston lowers so you can control rate of flow into casing — especially important when making small sausages and snack sticks
  • Foot switch: frees up your hands for easy, one-person operation
  • Air release valve: allows air to escape so casings fill evenly and smoothly, with fewer air pockets
  • Removable cylinder: ensures hassle-free refilling
  • Includes: four stuffing tubes to make nearly any size and type of sausage — including snack sticks, and a crank handle for non-motorized use


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