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13 Oct

RCM BBQ Supplies- The One-Stop Shop For All Barbeque Tools You Need

BBQ supplies from RCM are a one-stop shop for all barbeque tools that you’ll need to prepare a smoky meal. Barbeque tools are non-negotiable when you want to enjoy perfect smoky delights. However, it’s easy to be blown away while shopping for essential BBQ supplies because the market is flooded with countless tools that only clutter drawers. RCM is looking at your needs, so we’ve rounded up a complete list of BBQ tools that are worth your investment- reliable and affordable with no frills.

Whether a beginner with barbeque cooking or a seasoned expert, you will get all promising tools at our site. Let’s see what we have in store for you. 

Heavy-Duty Tongs 

Flipping heavy meat pieces isn’t easy without a heavy-duty tong. We recommend you have heavy-duty tongs to avoid chances of dropping large meat pieces that are half cooked. The stainless steel tongs from RCM are perfect for flipping large meat pieces easily. After all, you can’t afford to waste meat, can you?

  • Heat-Resistant Gloves 

Most of us think gloves aren’t necessary to put on while grilling. But when it comes to handling smoky grilled food cooked at high heat with bare hands, you may burn your hands. You’d certainly agree that safety comes first, so heat-resistant gloves are a word of caution. With heat-resistant gloves, you’ll be able to handle food grilled at high temperatures with ease. 

  • Smart Temperature Thermometer

A smart temperature thermometer is crucial to achieving perfect grilling. Without a thermometer, you can barely guess the temperature and start grilling food which won’t give the desired taste and munching experience. Some grillers have a built-in thermometer, but a separate smart thermometer is even better for setting the perfect grilling temperature.

  • Charcoal Baskets

Grab a charcoal basket if you want to shift from high grilling to low grilling. Collecting briquettes on one side of the grillers will be easier so that you can continue indirect cooking on the other side. The portable charcoal basket from RCM also helps to add fresh charcoal and make more smoke. 

  • Grate For Grill

The extra flavor of grilling food comes from the rendered fat that drips off from the meat. The coal heating down adds more flavor to the food. Grill grates provide a similar effect to the meat chunks without heating charcoal. The trapping fat in deep grooves is burnt, adding flavor to the food. Moreover, these grill grates help prevent flare-ups even when grilling flare-prone food. 

  • Stainless Steel Skewers

Bamboo skewers might look ideal for one-time use, but it’s great to invest in stainless steel skewers for grilling meat, vegetables, and kebabs. These are easy to handle and allow you to grill food properly. 

  • Griller Cleaning Tools

Griller grease spots, charcoal dust, and other dirt aren’t easy to clean with bare hands. That’s why stainless steel wire brush tools are perfect for cleaning your griller. You can purchase a set of cleaning tools like stainless steel scraper, wire-free scrubber, and disposable wipes from RCM to clean the griller without leaving any mess. 

  • A Veggie Steel Basket

A veggie steel basket isn’t necessary, but it’s totally worth having one. It helps to toss your veggies easily without the stress of overcooking them. Also, the stainless steel veggies basket will last longer and is a perfect gear to grill or sauté fresh veggies. 

Wrapping Up!!

We hope you have noted down all the essential barbeque supplies for a perfect smoky meal. If you’re looking for the best barbeque accessories within a budget, RCM is your one-stop shop. We offer a wide range of BBQ tools that you’ll need to cook delicious food. From board accessories to charcoal pellets and scrapers to thermometers, we have a complete range of must-have BBQ supplies for all chefs and their special occasions. 

For more information, visit our website RCM Outdoors and check out our featured products. Trust me, you won’t leave without buying one.

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