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1.5oz Marinade/Flavor Injector

Inject marinades directly into your foods with this Outset® Q120 1.5 oz. marinade / flavor injector! This plastic injector features a basic, easy-to-use design that makes it great for any business. You can measure out the amount of marinade you'd like to use before filling the injector, rather than wasting unused marinade. When you're finished using this injector, the needle can be removed for safe storage. This also makes it excellent for both cleaning and replacing if the needle becomes broken or worn. Great for roasting, barbecuing, and deep frying, marinade injectors let the meat absorb maximum moisture in order to become tender and juicy. The marinade works fast to infuse the flavor deep inside the meat, and the meat may be cooked immediately after injecting. Additionally, this tool can even be used to baste the surface of meats. This flavor injector holds up to 1.5 oz. of marinade at a time, and its specially-designed stainless steel needle has holes on each side to evenly disperse marinade throughout meat. Plus, the double hole design eliminates concern over clogging. Keep this injector on hand in your establishment to create flavorful meals with ease. To use this flavor injector, first ensure that the O-ring on the piston is lightly coated with cooking oil. Then, simply attach the needle to the outside tip of the injector by turning clockwise. Pull the piston upward and draw marinade into the injector, ensuring that both holes on the needle shaft are fully immersed in the marinade. Make a puncture in the center of the meat, then make two additional tracks branching out from the original point. Insert the needle and inject the marinade, slowly lifting the needle out of the meat and repeat for each track. Your marinated meat is then ready to cook!
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The Outset Marinade Injector with a removable needle is a versatile kitchen tool designed to infuse flavor into various meats, making them more delicious and flavorful. Here are some key features and uses of this marinade injector:

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