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11" x 50' Vacuum Seal Roll

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Vacuum sealer bags are great for food and non-food use. Our heavy duty 11 in. x 50 ft. roll is 2-ply, 3.0 mil thick, and can be used with most leading brand vacuum sealers. Vacuum sealing extends food storage time - locking in freshness, flavor and nutritional value. In addition, they are great for keeping valuables, emergency supplies, firearms, and many other items dry and sealed until ready to use. FDA Food Safe Material and BPA Free.
  • 2-ply, 3.0 mil thick, and BPA free
  • Rolls can be cut to whatever length you need
  • Stored foods can be reheated by boiling in the bag or by placing directly into the microwave (after piercing bag)
  • Works with Weston vacuum sealers, and with most other leading brands
  • Marinate right in the bag
  • BPA Free in food zones
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