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Arrowhead North “Supper In The Field” BBQ Class August 17th

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Experience the essence of Saskatchewan’s fall harvest with Arrowhead North BBQ’s special BBQ class!

Led by one of Canada’s most decorated teams, this class is a tribute to the rich bounty of the season, offering you the skills to create unforgettable meals fit for the home or the field.

class starts at 12:00pm and ends at 5:00pm

What You’ll Learn:

– Harnessing the flavours of Saskatchewan’s fall harvest in your BBQ creations.

– Techniques for cooking both at home and in outdoor settings.

– Crafting hearty meals perfect for gatherings with family and friends.

What You’ll Cook:

– Slow-smoked prime rib

– Spatchcock roast chicken

– Creamy Mac and Cheese

– Cornbread

– Hot fudge Lava Cake

– A variety of seasonal side dishes inspired by the garden

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