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Camp Chef Flat Top Tool Kit

Do you have a Camp Chef Flat Top Grill? If not, you should get one. Because then you’ll have a reason to splurge and get the Flat Top Tool Kit! The flat spade/spatula is perfect for slicing, dicing, and turning your flat topped goodies. Even if you aren’t a professional, you can at least look like one while sporting the professional 6-pack and flipping your thick steaks or fluffy pancakes. Your neighbors will be awestruck eyeballing your masterpiece onion volcano as you proudly wield the dual spatulas of varying craft. And of course, keep your work space squeaky clean with the included squirt bottles and griddle scraper. So now get yourself a Flat Top Grill, so you can get a Flat Top Tool Kit. The only downside will be not knowing exactly who your true friends are.
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