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Camp Chef Woodwind PRO 24 Pellet Grill

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The Woodwind Pro speaks to control freaks and carefree cooks alike. If your dream grill includes a wishlist of more smoke, and more bold flavor then you’ll love playing around with the newly invented Smoke Box. In addition to the hardwood pellets, the Smoke Box allows you to simultaneously control heat and flavor. With the Smoke Box you can cook with wood pellets, wood chunks, wood chips, even charcoal and use the damper value to tailor your heat output. Even try your hand at new methods such as cold smoking using the Fan Only Mode. Want something a little more casual? Simply fill your hopper and fire it up the pellet grill for that signature mild smoke taste. Make a statement with the Woodwind Pro.

  • Lower Rack – 429 IN²
  • Upper Rack – 382 IN²
  • Total Rack Area – 811 IN²
  • Chamber Size – 4,850 IN³
  • Hopper Size – 22 LBS
  • Weight – 152 LBS
  • Dimensions – 50 IN x 44.5 IN x 26 IN
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