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Franklin Barbecue Pit

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Product Details

- 625 lbs.
- 81" long and 81" high from ground to top of smokestack
- 42" cook chamber
- 1/4" thick rolled American-made steel cook chamber and inner firebox (firebox is double-walled with air gap)
- Ships in one crate

The pit is approximately 625 lbs, and desite being on casters, can be difficult to maneuver. It's best to move the pit with an extra set of hands (or two) into your desired area where it can remain in that spot. It's best to pick a solid and level location that can support the weight of your pit (ie. concrete pad or pavers).

The raw steel pit will need to be regularly seasoned on the inside and the outside with food grade oil (we like flaxseed oil or rendered fat from leftover trimmings). Seasoning the pit with food grade oil will protect it from rusting, especially if you live in a humid place or let the pit come into contact with water. Basically, take care of it like you would your grandma's heirloom cast iron pans.

Your pit comes with...

- Custom Tel-Tru Thermometer
- Grease Bucket
- Water Pan
- Removable Steel Cooking Grate
- Bolt-on Smokestack
- Pit Badge with Unique Body Number Riveted to the Bottom Shelf
- 5" Casters (2 Stationary at Firebox End, 2 Swiveling at Smokestack End
- Owner's Manual

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