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Fresh Vintage Farms Pure Cold Pressed Walnut Oil 375ml

California Walnuts have a reputation for their Superb quality - and Fresh Vintage Farms was able to capture that with their Cold Pressed Walnut Oil. Fresh Vintage Farms Walnut Oil is made from fresh, flavor packed Walnuts grown in the heart of California’s agricultural hub - the San Joaquin Central Valley. Great on Salads, Baking, Marinades and beyond, Fresh Vintage Farms Walnut Oil has a robust flavor and smooth finish while being packed with Omega-3’s, Antioxidants, healthy Unsaturated Fatty acids and more... Unlike other refined Walnut Oils on the market that utilize rancid walnuts with high heat expellers and refineries, Fresh Vintage Farms Virgin Oils are Cold Pressed from fresh Walnuts, grown on ground that was proudly farmed on the forefront of environmental stewardship. Taste the difference, experience the extraordinary.
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