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Kosmos Q Pink/Peach Butcher Paper 24" X 200'

Kosmo's Q CounterKraft™ Pink Butcher Paper (or Peach Butcher Paper) enhances the appearance of meat and improves food safety and handling for those in the foodservice industry including butchers and deli and grocery store owners. The pink color dresses up the look of sandwiches, barbecue, fresh meats, poultry, and fish. All of our pink butcher paper is 100% FDA Approved. CounterKraft™ Pink Butcher paper is most often used in the barbecue scene as a basket/tray liner as well as a carry-out wrap. Pink Butcher, also known as peach paper or barbecue paper, may also be used as a sandwich wrap and adds a mark of distinction to the wrapped item so it stands out from other wraps. Product Dimensions 24" X 200'
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KosmosQ Pink/Peach Butcher Paper 24" X 200'
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