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LEM Patty, Jerky, Snack Stick Maker

Use this Big Bite grinder attachment to make burgers, jerky and snack sticks for yourself or your friends and family. Unit attaches to any meat grinder with a standard # 5, # 8, # 12, # 22 or # 32 head. Attach the unit to the grinder before you start grinding the second grind. Thread the waxed paper onto the chute and begin pushing the meat into the grinding head. As the meat extrudes from the patty maker, it will push the meat and paper down the chute. Makes 1/2" by 4" wide patties without any plate added. Add one of the additional three plates included to make 3/8" patties, 3/16" by 13/16" jerky strips or 1/2" diameter snack sticks. Use the 11" meat shears (not shown) to cut the meat you are producing into any length you like. This all metal unit comes with 1 roll of paper, three plates, meat shears, and a 16" chute. Instructions included. The Ground Meat Patty Maker, Jerky Slicer, and Snack Stick Maker is compatible with most other grinder models.
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