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Muskoka Butchers Block Series End Grain 24 x 18 – Walnut (with feet and finger slot)

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This butchers block is made out of 100% walnut lumber. These cutting boards are designed to meet the same standard demanded by career butchers. The “end grain” style of grain orientation provides the following benefits:
  • The board will last upwards of 25 years (even more if you take good care of it)
  • The fibers of the wood stand vertically. When you slice into the board you are not severing the fibers. This allows the board in combination with Viridios Cutting Board Finish to be “self-healing”
  • Due to the “self-healing” aspect of the board, it will look newer for longer.
  • The “end grain” style of grain will also give a darker appearance to the wood.
24 x 18 x 1.5 inches

Butchers Block Series – Walnut Large

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