Olea Lavender Balsamic Vinegar

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FLAVOR: Floral, sweet and slightly herbaceous, our Lavender Balsamic captures the essence of this ancient flower. A perfect combination. Soft delicate floral lavender notes, taking this balsamic to the forefront. COMPLEMENTS: You'll love this drizzled over cheeses, fresh summer salads, grilled meats, chicken, omelet’s, potatoes, roasted vegetables, garlic mashed potatoes, fresh fruits and berries. OIL PAIRINGS: Natural Meyer Lemon, Natural Blood Orange or Tangerine, Lemon Pepper, Rosemary, Sage & Onion, Basil and Jalapeno. IDEAS:
  • Try it on ice cream for a unique taste!!
  • Reduce this balsamic over low heat with freshly ground black pepper and diced dried fruits, then drizzle over pork tenderloin or chicken.
  • Try it on tangy cheeses.
  • Try a splash in carbonated water for a unique refreshing.
  • Add a few drops to vodka and soda with a crushed fresh basil leaf summer drink.
Floral, sweet and slightly herbaceous, Olea's Lavender Balsamic captures the essence of this ancient flower. Pair with chicken, lamb, vegetables, or use in vinaigrettes, over ice cream and with fresh fruits and berries. All natural, No artificial flavours, No thickeners, No added sugar, No Caramel color or dyes, No artificial flavours or added ingredients whatsoever!
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