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Saus Coffee Hot Sauce 200ml

if you are a fan of spicy food and the wonderful, rich taste of coffee then this is the hot sauce for you! Made from completely plant-based ingredients, this amazing coffee hot sauce is the sauce that started it all for saus. a rich, unique combination, this hot sauce delivers a mouth-watering depth and a slow burn that builds gradually. completely gluten-free, saus ensures the best possible quality of flavour by adding absolutely no additives or preservatives to their coffee hot sauce. It's also low in saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol. the greatness of the coffee hot sauce comes from a great blend of ingredients, including espresso, harissa, urfa biber, garlic and onion. amazingly versatile too, saus’ coffee hot sauce is the perfect companion to any meal. Whether it is used as a rich, savoury dipping sauce, as a gorgeous marinade, or just to give whatever you’re eating a little something extra, you are sure to get a stunning, rich depth of flavour and a fantastic spice and coffee kick.
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