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Smoke N Magic Southern Twang BBQ Sauce 21.1oz

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UPC: 028239060305

Experience the bold and tangy flavors of the South with Smoke’n Magic’s Bold ‘n Tangy Southern Twang BBQ Sauce. Our expertly crafted sauce is a perfect blend of tangy vinegar and sweet apple, making it the perfect fit for anything pork. Whether you’re grilling, smoking, or roasting, this sauce will take your pork dishes to the next level. Use it in a wrap or pour it straight onto your pork for a mouthwatering twist on classic dishes. But don’t stop there! This versatile sauce can also be used as a salad dressing, adding a tangy kick to your greens. Whether you’re a BBQ enthusiast or just looking to add some flavor to your meals, Smoke’n Magic’s Bold ‘n Tangy Southern Twang BBQ Sauce is the perfect addition to any dish.

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