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Urban Accents Plant Based Morning Breakfast Wrap

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Urban Accents Morning Wrap Meatless Mix is packed with all the classic breakfast flavors you love like sage and savory garlic. Create flavorful wraps or add to gravy and top biscuits. Powered by plants, our meatless plant-based mixes are made from ground vegetable protein. Each pouch replaces 1lb of ground meat and is high in fiber & protein (40g), while low in fat and calories!


Textured Soy Flour, Spices (Sage, Fennel, Black Pepper, White Pepper), Salt, Cane Sugar, Dehydrated Onion, Natural Flavors (Spice Extractives of Fennel, Sage, and Black Pepper), and Less Than 2% Silicon Dioxide Added to Prevent Caking.


  • SOY

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