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Victorinox Flex/Fillet 8" Fishing Black

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Product Details
UPC: 7611160124449
Key features
  • Fillets fish with ease and precision
  • Swiss made filleting knife with straight edge
  • With a flexible blade and ergonomic handle
Item number 5.3703.18 Length of blade 18 cm Weight 91 g Collection Filleting Knife with Straight Edge Fish and fine dining go hand in hand. So meet your new first-class filleting tool. Recreate that restaurant experience at home with style and precision. The long, lean blade of the Filleting Knife is super agile to navigate bones like a pro. Effortlessly fillet rainbow trout, meaty swordfish or succulent salmon in seconds. Your guests will be suitably impressed. Dimensions Height 18 mm Net weight 91 g Details Blade Properties flexible Length of blade 18 cm Handle material thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) Type of edge normal straight edge Dishwasher safe Yes
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