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Yoder YS480S/YS640S ACS Upgrade Kit

Yoder Smokers ACS Wi-Fi Enabled Control Board Conversion Kits Upgrade your YS480 or YS640 to the new Adaptive Control System (ACS) control board. These kits contain all necessary pieces to update your existing YS480 or YS640 pellet grill and begin using the YS Drive App (iOS and Android compatible). The new ACS control board with Wi-Fi is a cloud based system powered by FireBoard. It allows you to connect to your pellet grill via Wi-Fi or bluetooth technology. This means you can control your grill’s temperature from anywhere. Two integrated 6′ food probes allow you to monitor the temperature of your food without lifting the lid. Beyond connectivity, the new ACS control board is built around a powerful microprocessor that understands multiple input variables. What does this mean for the user? It means access to an intuitive control board that is always learning and improving. It means quicker temperature recovery after opening the lid or loading up the cooker with meat. Smarter, robust features, and better performance. It’s a no-brainer.
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