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Camp Chef Apex 24 Pellet Grill WITH Gas Train & SIDEKICK

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Cook what you want—how you want! The Apex Grill is a griller’s fantasy, conjoining an ever-popular wood pellet grill and a time-tested propane grill (optional add-on) to bring you a patio experience unlike anything you’ve encountered. On one unit, in a single chamber, griller’s will be able to switch fuel sources with a twist of a knob. So whether it’s a quick one-two with grilled chicken using the propane option or encapsulating a well-earned smoke ring on a 15 lbs. Brisket with the smoker, the Apex fuels the grill master within.

  • Lower Rack
    429 IN²
  • Upper Rack
    382 IN²
  • Total Rack Area
    811 IN²
  • Chamber Size
    4,850 IN³
  • Hopper Size
    30 LBS
  • Weight
    295 LBS
  • Dimensions
    67 IN x 44 IN x 32 IN
  • Burners
    4 + SIDEKICK
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