Hellrazr YAMA Charcoal Grill


• ¼ inch thick precision laser cut carbon steel grills
• Most versatile outdoor cooking unit on the market!
• Can be used as a plancha griddle, off set smoker, live fire grill and indexable skewer grill.
• Thick double walled fire box.
• Removable side door for easy cleaning and when using unit as a reverse flow smoker.
• Portable.
• Extreme construction, built and designed for a lifetime of hard use.
• Unparalleled heat retention (up to 24 hours when using our Hellrazr™Tex-Mex-Mix Oak & Mesquite Charcoal)
• Lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects.
• Ceramic, silicon based paint resistant up to 1200°F
• 8 spaces for grills.



Weight – 103.10 lbs

Height – 15 1/8″

Depth – 18 1/4″

Width – 27 3/4″

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