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Olea Oregano fused Olive Oil

FLAVOR: This popular and delicious oil has the sweet flavor of fresh oregano combined with the mild, buttery taste of olive oil. A favorite Mediterranean herb, oregano brings out the freshness of the foods it's used with, and this delicious Oregano oil does the same thing. COMPLEMENTS: Add it to fish, shellfish, eggs, fresh and cooked tomato dishes. Vegetables, beans, marinades, pizzas and pasta all benefit from the flavor of oregano. It also enhances lamb, beef, soups, cheese, zucchini and salads. OIL PAIRINGS: Fig, Lemon, Lambrusco, Traditional 25 Star Aged, Grapefruit, Maple. IDEAS: Italian and Greek Dishes Summer Salads Caprese Salads Seafood, Poultry, pizzas, vegetables, soups……….
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